“Spanish Enrichment is a  fun way to open the minds of children to other  languages and cultures with the hopes that they become more  tolerant of others as they mature.  Erika is a great teacher and is very engaging with the children.”

  –  Director Play & Learn


Participating Schools:

Children in the Son

Graham Crackers

Little Friends Daycare and Learning Center

Today’s Child

Penn Wynne Presbyterian Preschool

Play & Learn

Waldron Mercy Academy

Westview Early Learning Academy

The Spanish Exploradores program is wonderful. Senora Erica introduces Spanish in fun, educational, and organized lessons to our preschoolers and kindergarteners. The teachers and students love our Spanish classes with her.

Liese C., Director Penn Wynne Presbyterian Preschool

Enrichment Activity for Your School

Spanish Exporadores offers  Spanish Enrichment programs for preschoolers and kindergartners in a fun, interactive and immersion style setting.  Children learn language through experience, movement and performing an activity.  Our classes create an environment that encourages children to explore the Spanish language and its various cultures.  Our curriculum is based on children having fun while learning SpanishOur programs include:

  • Games
  • Music
  • Dancing
  • Singing
  • Role playing
  • Crafts
  • Stories

We teach them to speak, not just repeat

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PROGRAM TODAY!info@spanishexploradores.com or 484.450.6729

Spanish Enrichment Options

  • Curriculum
    • Spanish Exploradores partners with your school to offer a language enrichment activity.
    • All students participate in Spanish Enrichment. (Max 15 students per class)
    • Fee billed directly to the school/daycare provider.
  • Independent – Spanish Club
    • Your school offers Spanish Club as an independent enrichment activity for students interested in learning another language.
    • Parents opt to have their child participate in Spanish Club. ( Min 10 per class)
    • Spanish Exploradores handles the registrations online.
    • Fee billed directly to the parent. Spanish Exploradores manages all payments online.


  • Spanish Enrichment is offered during school hours.
  • Spanish Clubs may offer before school, after school or during lunch bunch hours.
  • Times and days vary depending on location and program.
  • Typically Spanish Enrichment is offered twice a month, but can be offered weekly.
  • Programs can start in Sept/October. It is highly recommended to continue classes until June.
  • Spanish Exploradores offers Spanish Enrichment programs at preschools and daycare centers in the communities in and near Montgomery and Delaware counties.  


What teachers/directors are saying about Spanish Exploradores:

Q:  What did you like most?   A: Gross motor games, dances & Songs   – Teacher, Children in the Son

“My kids loved Mrs. Erika she was very good with them she was           – Teacher, Play & Learn

very involved and got all the kids participate.”


What kids are saying about Spanish Exploradores:

“I had fun and it was an exciting class!”                                                     – Lynnewood Student
Q:  What did you like most?            A:  Everything                                      – Lynnewood Student
Q:  What did you like least?             A:  When I had to leave                      – July Summer Camper
Q:  What did you like least?              A:  Nothing                                          – Lynnewood Student