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Summer Newsletter Vol 1. – Mexico

Viva Mexico!

Campers had a blast last week making a pinata, cooking and try authentic Mexican food as well as a special drink called horchata.   Campers also learned Spanish vocabulary for the ingredients!  They practice numbers, colors and Spanish expressions through games like bingo and songs with some dancing.   They also learned about the artist Diego Rivera.





Summer Fun Recap

Spanish Exploradores Campers Experience Culture, Food & Language



¡Mexico, Chile, Spain OLÉ!  Campers learned travel vocabulary and fun things about each country:

  • music
  • dance
  • poets
  • artists
  • holidays and celebrations
  • Fun FACTS

They also made food!  But what was more fun was eating it!! ¡Que rico!


¡Viva México!


  • Enchiladas Verdes con Queso
  • Guacamole
  • Enchiladas Mole con Queso
  • Frijoles Refritos



Postre- Arroz con leche

Postre- Arroz con leche





  • Manchego Cheese
  • Tortilla Española
  • Aceite de Oliva





Postre - Churros

Postre – Churros








  • Palta y Queso con Pan Tostado ( Once)
  • Pebre
  • Empanadas de Queso
  • Postre – Manjar



Summer Camp Fun – July

July Campers Create a Casa

Campers had a blast using their creativity to create their own casas during camp.   IMG_7714 IMG_7715 IMG_7716 IMG_7718 IMG_7719 IMG_7708 IMG_7787 IMG_7712

After some fun and games to learn vocabulary:

Campers learned the contents of la cocina (kitchen), el baño (bathroom), el dormitorio(bedroom), el salón de estar (family room), and el jardín (backyard/garden) .

They used their imaginations, a shoe box and A LOT of crafts to create their own custom made casa.  Campers then labeled them with their newly acquired Spanish vocabulary.  Estupendo!


Looking for Summer Camp for your Kids?

School is Almost Over………

Don’t worry, your kids will be in good hands at Spanish Exploradores – where learning Spanish is all about having fun!

Spanish Exploradores still has space in its day camp for kids.  Choose from one week in June, July or August or all three!  The class times are age specific.

Keep your child’s brain active this Summer

Studies show that learning another language stimulates the brain and creativity!

Does your child like to try new food?

Sign-up for the August session as the teacher takes the class on a journey through Spain, Chile and Mexico.  Kids will learn about country’s geography, music and culture.  Campers will also have the opportunity to taste food from each country.

Don’t miss this amazing experience!



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