Spanish Exploradores is excited about celebrating el Día de los Muertos. The Day of the Dead. This is an important celebration for many Spanish speaking countries, including Mexico.  Since we aren’t chartering kids trips……..yet, we thought we would bring a little Hispanic culture in the form of a kid friendly party.

While the Day of the Dead celebration may seem a bit macabre, it is actually a way to honor relatives and loved ones that have passed on.  Special food is shared and alters are made to celebrate.  Sugar skulls abound and tend to be very colorful.  Other traditional foods include tamales, candied pumpkin, dishes with mole and of course pan de muerto – day of the dead bread.  Special drink: Atole – hot, thick gruel-like drink made from maize.

Join us for the celebration!

  • Make a craft
  • Tasty treats
  • Day of the Dead goody bag!

November 1st from 4:15 -5:45pm in Haverford, PA

Space is limited – REGISTER NOW

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